Donate to live the World Cup of direct fennecs of South Africa as though you were there

Dear customers, my very faithful Algeria foot clients.

As you know, I have worked with all my efforts to find a sponsor in order to finance my stay in South Africa.

My great regret that this day no partner demonstrates his interest.

Otherwise the world cup is within two months and my only appeal, it’s you.

then, you will say to me how to finance (each  and everyone at the level of his possibility) my stay in South Africa? Oh well by participating in the momothon.

how  it works

 it is simple, I need a 3000€ budget to make you live World Cup of fennecs in ( version Algeria foot): before - match, interview of our fennecs, direct of tribunes the day of match, ambience, report, reactions of after - match, photographs, etc.

Every customer can give 1,2,5 euro or a sum of his choice via PayPal by clicking on the flag MOMOTHON and to follow indication. Every euro which you will give me, will come in the 3000€ reduction of departure.

Purpose being to fasten the budget (meter brought back to 0 euro) before May 10th, 2010

which are my commitment if I do not go in south Africa

if in finale, in the evening of May 10th, the 3000€ budget is not collected (or if in finale I do not go in Africa in June), I promise to refund all customers having played game by re-crediting their PayPal count